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Ability SDA

Affordable, accessible apartments for people with disabilities

More than 28,000 people across Australia require speciality disability accommodation, with more than 6,300 young Australians living in aged care homes not suited to their needs.

The NDIS through the Specialist Disability Accommodation scheme is working with accommodation providers such as Ability SDA to build new homes to allow people with a disability to live independently and to have better of quality of life.

Realising the vast need in Australia for specialist disability accommodation, Paul and Angie Simmons established Ability SDA in 2016 and embarked on several SDA building projects around the country.

With previous experience in aged care, finance and property development, Paul and Angie brought together a team of dedicated people with the goal of reducing the number of young people living in nursing homes.

Ability SDA builds large self-contained apartments that are well located, safe, tech savvy, affordable and completely accessible for people with a disability.

These stylish, purpose-built apartments include access to onsite support providers to ensure tenants can live safely and independently, whilst becoming more engaged with their community and socially included.

Ability SDA is one of the pioneers of this space, providing more than 50 accessible apartments in five locations, Gosford Central, Gosford Showground Road, Guildford, Townsville and Villawood

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