David’s Story

Ability SDA Disability Accommodation Testimonial

My name is David. I’m 36 years old and have Ataxic Cerebellar Hypoplasia (Cerebral Palsy) and Epilepsy.

I moved into a public housing town house in June 2018 and, although grateful at the time for the accommodation being available, the access to the property was unsuitable for me. I was unable to access the property through the front door because of steps at the front of the townhouse, and the rear door was serviced by a narrow ramp that made it very difficult for me to turn around in my wheelchair to enter through the back door.

This meant that I had to rely on Carers to get in and out of my own home and I was unable to do just about everything on the list of things I would like to be doing in that unit. 

Then in March 2020, there were sewage problems which made my unit uninhabitable forcing me to return to live at home with my parents.

I first heard about Ability SDA on a Facebook group called ‘The Voices of the NDIS’. I attended one of their free information sessions to learn about their apartments and how to tackle the application process. I was then able to inspect the Ability SDA Apartments at Guildford and read all about their other properties on their website and the rest, as they say, is history!

Although I was doubtful about being able to secure SDA funding, I didn’t actually find the application process all that difficult. I had a lot of help completing the process though thanks to my parents, my CoS and my Carer. They basically completed the whole thing on my behalf so I luckily managed to avoid all the stress of that process! I’m also so grateful to them for supporting me in the transition. They’ll help me plan, move and shop for new household items too. I’m really happy that we get to share the excitement of it all together.

Moving into Gosford Central in November 2020 represents a big improvement in my life. This apartment physically has a much better standard of accommodation and finishes than anything I’ve lived in before. It’s bright, airy and new – it’s really cool! The apartments are centrally located close to shops, restaurants, transport and the services I need.

Plus, I’m really socially active. In the past I’ve taken part in several social groups and drama clubs, I’ve volunteered at a Community Radio station and been a Board Member for a Non-Profit Organisation.  I love collecting music and DVD box sets.

I’m always really busy, so I just can’t wait to be more independent so that I can come and go as I please. Living here will greatly increase my independence and choices.

To anyone wondering if they should apply for SDA – have a try because you will be surprised that it’s easier than you think!

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