Max’s Story


Like many other 19 year olds, Max is excited about moving to Sydney to begin a university course. Like many other families, Max’s parents are both excited and nervous for him, but Sydney is also a long way from home - 450km away.

What complicates things for Max is he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Diagnosed as a toddler, he requires an electric wheelchair and, up until now, his care has been solely provided by his family. “My family help me with everything – preparing meals, dressing and bathing.”

When Max and his family began investigating accommodation near his Uni, they found an SDA provider who could help Max. But not long before he was due to move in, the provider notified Max that his SDA funding had not been finalised and they would not be able to accommodate him. “I was disappointed, so we started looking at other options.”

When Max’s mum Kylee rang Ability SDA and spoke to Director Paul Simmons, it serendipitously coincided with a recent vacancy at one of their Ability Apartments.

The urgency of Max’s situation was immediately apparent to Paul.
“We wanted to do everything possible so Max could start Uni on time,” Paul said.

Kylee had already organised detailed OT reports for Max, so Paul encouraged her to contact their regional NDIS director to send the reports directly to the National SDA Panel.

Paul contacted the SIL provider in the Ability Apartments in Guildford and asked them to begin working with Max and his family with the goal of moving him in.

Another phone call was made to the Director of Housing at the NDIA to notify them of Max’s predicament, and within 7 days Max had been assessed and found eligible for SDA.
Ability SDA was then able to issue a lease for the available apartment and arranged for Max to move in 1 week before uni starts.
“This is a great example of the NDIS helping people achieve their goals,” beamed Paul.

Not only will Max receive the 24 hour care he needs in a stylish yet affordable environment, his new apartment is ideally located only three train stops away from his university.

With friends nearby at other universities, a new apartment to decorate, and an exciting course about to begin, Max’s future is looking bright.
“I’m looking forward to making my own decisions in relation to living my life independently, and to be like any other 19 year old.”

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